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Larchmont Meditate Now Open

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Larchmont Meditate is Now Open!

Come join us for daily classes! Beginners Welcome! No Experience Necessary!

  • Use Coupon Code: LarchmontJuJu
  • Get 50% Off First Class!
  • Walk-In’s Welcome OR Register On-Line

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 323-806-3829

About Us:

Meditation & Energy Healing does not have to be done in the hills of India, or at a Buddhist retreat.  Larchmont Meditate strives to make it accessible to everyone, whether you are a newcomer who has never tried energy meditation or energy healing before, or someone who has incorporated energy healing and meditation into your daily life.  Energy Meditation is not about shutting off your mind, but rather clearing your system of unwanted energy, then filling it with new, positive energy that will serve you, and those around you for the better.  With the use of music and guided visualization, all you need to do is lie down, relax and close your eyes.  We strive to make it fun and lively!

We provide mats, pillows, blankets, ambient lights, healing music, essential oils and crystals to de-stress the nervous system in the midst of your busy day.  No experience is necessary to begin learning the methods to clean your system of unwanted energy, and recharge it with new, positive and creative energy.  This helps to improve your mental and physical performance for the remainder of your day, and optimize sleep.

About Our Instructor:

Hilary Malloy is a Certified Intuitive Healer and Reader, in addition to being a Certified Reiki Energy Healer. Born and raised in Larchmont Village, she is 4th Generation. Hilary is excited to bring her enthusiasm for the Energy Healing Arts to the community she feels so fortunate to be a part of. 

A four year Graduate of UCLA, with a major in Religious History, and a Graduate of Marlborough High, Hilary’s background sprung in many creative directions…Documentary and Film Producer, Children’s Book Author, TV and Music Executive, and currently, local Real Estate Agent. For the past 10 years, Energy Healing has served both her business and personal life, and she is passionate about sharing it with those in her local  community.

About Our Classes:

  • Lunch time classes are only 30 minutes, and there is a cafe at the Snooknuk Studio, so you can grab a quick bite afterward. 
  • Evening classes are 60 minutes.

All local Larchmont merchants and employees receive a 20% discount on any classes. Please use discount code “larchmerch” when registering online. ALL new clients receive one month of unlimited classes for $50. Please check our “PROMOTIONS” section on our website.

  • Children and Parent Classes coming soon! 
  • Classes with Nanny on-site at the Snooknuk Play Area coming soon!

More classes & workshops will be added to the schedule as demand increases.  Please join our Newsletter, Facebook & Instagram pages to stay updated on our schedule.

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