$10 Million Safe Heist in Hancock Park is Big Local News

The LAPD released a press release today about a break-in on the 200 block of S. Highland in which a safe full of cash, jewelry and valuables worth $10 million was taken on March 16, and the news spread quickly via twitter, news services and queries to the Buzz.

We spoke with Officer David Cordova, Lead Officer for the area, who confirmed the heist did happen but that the investigation is being followed through by the LAPD’s Safe Detail Unit. “It appears to be, although we don’t know for a fact yet, a family dispute,” Cordova shared with the Buzz. There was an actual burglary: a security gate was jumped, a glass door smashed, and the safe located in a closet upstairs was dragged down the stairs on a rug. A neighbor heard the commotion at 8:20pm on that Friday evening and police responded to find the burglary had occurred. They believe two suspects were responsible for the crime.

So while the story conjures up a duo of masked bandits roaming the streets and getting away with the loot – that scenario is unlikely. Nevertheless, the investigators welcome any information from the public who may have seen or heard anything regarding this case. Contact Detective Ben Black, Burglary Special Section Safe Detail at (213) 486-6945.

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