A Big Catch for St. James School


The students at St. James’ School have decided to help out a cause right on their door step – the St. James’ Food Pantry. Led by Rob Krueger, 5th Grade teacher and Service Learning Director, the students are collecting food for the pantry. The students just finished a drive for pop-top tuna cans and collected an amazing 647 cans.

The cans will go into the bags that the food pantry hands out to homeless clients – food that can be eaten straight away and requires no cooking.

Rob Krueger commented, “The response to the tuna call was almost overwhelming, but not really surprising. In my 17 years at the School, I have seen our community pull together and accomplish great things. I am very proud to be a part of this community.”

That a whole lot of tuna – truly a big catch!

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About Gillian Wagner

Gill Wagner, is a resident of Windsor Square and President of Hope-Net’s Board of Directors.

One thought on “A Big Catch for St. James School

  1. Great idea and a wonderful way to teach students about giving back to their community. Now you just need a photo of 600+ cans of tuna stacked up to show readers.

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