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Buzz reader Angela Gyetvan’s photo of the snow-covered mountains is as good as any we have seen. This was taken from her Park La Brea home.


Thanks to Buzz readers Linda Sanoff and Angela Gyetvan for watching our local skies and sharing their photos.

Last week’s storm brought some amazing views of Los Angeles with snow-covered mountains and ominous storm clouds. Buzz reader and occasional contributor Angela Gyetvan sent us these images taken from her Park La Brea apartment building window. We think they are as good as any we have seen.

“I never tire of the view out my window,” Gyetvan told the Buzz.


Photo take as storm clouds rolled into Los Angeles last week. (photo from Angela Gyetvan)


Last evening, if you looked at the moon, you saw an amazing full moon. March’s full moon, also known as the “Worm Moon,” shone bright in the sky on Tuesday night. 


Tuesday evening’s worm moon, captured by Linda Sanoff, Hancock Park resident skywatcher.


This will be the last full moon of the winter, the Farmer’s Almanac points out. This month’s full moon will look even bigger than usual when it’s near the horizon shortly after it rises. The name “Worm Moon” may have come from the earthworms typically found as spring nears, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. It also may date back to writings from the 1760s about worms, or beetle larvae, coming out from bark as trees thaw from the winter. 

March’s full moon also has the distinction of being the Lenten Moon, which comes before the spring equinox on March 20.


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