Councilman La Bonge Clears the Way for Repaving Wilshire Boulevard

Councilman Tom La Bonge has secured funds to repave the inside lanes of  Wilshire Boulevard between Fairfax and Wilton Place. The Councilman will be using his 2012-13 Prop C  money to repave the ‘inner’ portions of the road, leaving the outside bus lanes for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project which has those lanes scheduled for repaving in 2014.

Funding for this project is budgeted at $1,031,750 – an amount not accounting for any issues that could come up along the way. The Wilshire repaving project is expected to start mid-July and should be completed roughly a month later. Repaving will include both the eastbound and the westbound inside lanes. Eventually, the bus lanes along the same part of Wilshire will be repaved as part of the BRT Project.

No vote is needed for this action. It is the Councilman’s decision to repave now instead of waiting until after the BRT Project is completed in 2014. According to Councilman La Bonge, “This has to be done. We can’t wait for the subway to come. We can’t wait for Bus Rapid Transit. We need to do this now, and I want to thank the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council for their cooperation on this issue.”

Larchmont Buzz asked about the possibility of  repaving some of the other streets in the area, including the critically dimpled 3rd Street. According to Councilman La Bonge’s office, they are reviewing all CD4 needs and will make recommendations after the Wilshire paving project is complete.

The Prop C funding is to be used on roads that have public transportation. For the 2012-2013 fiscal year, CD4 has a total of approximately $2.3 million in Prop C funds ($1.031M of which is targeted for repaving Wilshire). CD4 has increased in size by 40% under the new re-districting, including the additions of Sherman Oaks and Bel Air. Councilman La Bonge will take into account the needs of the entire Council District before distributing any further funds.

Metro Website – Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit Project

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  1. Yes fixing up my mountain bike instead of using my road bike so can navigate the potholes a bit better

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