Firestone Deco Garage Designated Historic

Good news for all the Deco devotees out there: the Firestone Tire Building built in 1937, and still in operation on the corner of La Brea and 8th, has been landmarked by the City of LA. Celebrated for its swooping cantilevered roof, curved corners and ceramic steel construction, the building, while a bit dilapidated, speaks to another era when even a workhorse of a garage could be designed with grace and beauty.

The landmarking is indeed a good thing as development of the giant BRE housing project just to the north could bring major changes to the area.

Read more details about our neighborhood’s most recent Historic Cultural Monument (HCM) in the links below. Did you know that Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford were good friends and that is why Ford automobiles sported the Firestone brand from the turn of the Century until recently?

Larchmont Buzz: Firestone Still Looking Fine

Curbed LA: 1937 Firestone Tire Building/David Lynch Set Gets Landmarked

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One thought on “Firestone Deco Garage Designated Historic

  1. hurrah! it’s truly a wonderful piece of historic industrial architecture. thanks to all involved who made sure it has been recognized.

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