Larchmont Alley Closed at South End for Repaving

For all of us who use the west-side alley behind the Larchmont business district to get around – it’s closed today through Sunday for repaving. Yes! No longer will it feel like you’re driving through the biggest pothole-ridden patch known to mankind – by Monday morning it should be open and actually drivable once again.

Exiting the alley onto 1st St is a “blind corner” of sorts and its difficult to see pedestrian and vehicular traffic, so please exit the alley with caution.

Thanks to Councilman Tom LaBonge for finding the funds to make this happen.

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One thought on “Larchmont Alley Closed at South End for Repaving

  1. One good thing about the rough pavement & assorted potholes in that alleyway – they’re built-in speed bumps of sorts.

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