No, It’s Not Mars: Heat and Smoke Bring Otherwordly Sunrise

The Mars-like sun today at about 7:15 a.m.

A few days ago we shared photos of last week’s bright “Corn Moon.”  Today, with the extreme heat (108 yesterday in our own back yard and a record-breaking 121 in Woodland Hills) and a number of wildfires burning around and just outside the larger metro area, Angelenos awoke to a dramatic sunrise, featuring a bright red orb arcing through the smoky sky.

The photos above and just below were taken around 7:15 this morning.  Note that to the naked eye, the big red ball appeared against a much lighter – but still pinkish – sky, but to capture the bright sun’s color accurately, my camera darkened the background considerably.

The photo below, by Buzz reader Karen Evans, does a slightly better job of capturing the weird sky color as we saw it, though her camera also compensated a bit by washing out the bright red of the sun, which persisted for much longer than usual after it rose above the horizon.

Photo by Karen Evans

Did anyone else get dramatic photos of the sky this morning?  If so, we’d love to see them – just send them to [email protected] and we’ll add them to this story.

The odd visual qualities remained through much of the day.  Reader Linda Sanoff sent us this sun photo taken at 6:30 p.m. on Monday.  She said:  “Can look straight at it because it is so muted by the smoke…I set the camera to do vivid sunset glow and it did!”

Photo by Linda Sanoff


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One thought on “No, It’s Not Mars: Heat and Smoke Bring Otherwordly Sunrise

  1. Didn’t get a shot of it, but saw it at a neon pink color. Tripped me out!
    Thank you for capturing the shots.

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