Norton Traffic Median to Be Landscaped

The Norton traffic median before the proposed restoration.

The Windsor Square Homeowners Association is managing the restoration of a long neglected traffic median at Norton and 6th Streets. The plan, designed by Cheryl Lerner, nearby resident and garden designer, calls for the installation of a large oak tree with appropriate under plantings. Damon Hein, also a neighbor, has provided engineering expertise.

Scott Goldstein, chairman of the Windsor Square “Canopy” helped spearhead the project to which approximately $23,000 has been donated by the  Windsor Square-Hancock Park Historical Society.  Scott and his committee have planted hundreds of trees in Windsor Square over the years in an effort to revitalize the urban tree canopy. Thousands of cars pass this median daily and it’s enhanced appearance will make that drive much more pleasant, and a welcome eastern entrance to the Windsor Square neighborhood.

Correction: Larry Guzin, WSA president commented below that funds for the project are coming from the Windsor Square – Hancock Park Historical Society, from the proceeds of their annual garden tour. Windsor Square Association is managing the project.


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3 thoughts on “Norton Traffic Median to Be Landscaped

  1. To give credit where credit is due, the Norton Triangle Project is funded by the generous donation of $24,000 from the Windsor Square-Hancock Park Historical Society. The Windsor Square Association is overseeing the project.

    Larry Guzin
    Windsor Square Association

    1. Oops, thanks for correcting that mistake! How nice to know that proceeds from the spring garden tour organized by the Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society are going back into the community in such a visible way.

  2. Hi Patricia…your brilliant invention…blog…whatever it is…gives us a wonderful connection which the old ‘hood…LOVE IT. That said, we have been in Pasadena TEN YEARS now…hard to believe.

    Keep up the good work…I no longer have your email..may I have it. xo, mike

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