Property Crime in Greater Hancock Park Area Heating Up


With the return of warm weather, property crime in the area is also heating up.  The following message from Senior Lead Officer Pelayo (Olympic Division) was sent out to area residents:

We are experiencing an increase in car break ins within the Larchmont Village and Windsor Square community. Please do not leave your valuables in your vehicles. If you have an alarm please turn it on. Lock your cars! Approximately 3 out 5 cars are left unlocked. Don’t make it easy for criminals to take your property.
Report all suspicious person and activity to 911 immediately! LOCK IT, HIDE IT, KEEP IT !
Thank you, Senior Lead Officer Pelayo

Some of the recent crime reported to LAPD as seen via

April 6 – 7:30 pm Burglary in 100 block of S. Muirfield Rd

April 9 –  5 pm Theft in 200 block of N. Windsor Bl

April 9 –  8 pm Theft in 4600 block of W 3rd St

April 8 – 8:30 pm Theft in 700 block of Lillian Way

April 10 – 2 am Burglary in 700 block of Wilcox Ave

April 9 – 6:15 pm Burglary in 700 block of S Tremaine Ave

April 9 – 5:50 pm Theft in 3700 block of Wilshire Bl

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