Sprinkles Cupcakes Coming to The Grove

Sprinkles Coming to The Grove

The Grove is full of change these days! The latest announcement is really sweet…and might require a little self control on your way to the parking structure.

Sprinkles Cupcakes is opening at The Grove in November. It’s their second LA location – just a little over 3 miles to the east of the original on Little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills.

Sprinkles will be in setting up permanently in the space formerly occupied by The Grove’s Concierge (near the entrance to the parking structure and the escalators).  The Concierge is moving to a location in the newly renovated valet parking area.

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One thought on “Sprinkles Cupcakes Coming to The Grove

  1. Brilliant move! Rick Caruso is a genius. Talk about an impulse purchase as you’re leaving to get back to your car. If only the rest of the LA government understood business and incentives and strategic, efficient thinking like that, the city would be better off. And no, I’m not involved with Caruso or the Grove – I just like good business decisions!

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