Tailwaggers and Tailwashers to Open on Larchmont in March

Tailwaggers pet food and supplies store and Tailwashers pet grooming studio is coming to 147 N. Larchmont in the spring.

There’s more good news to report for businesses on Larchmont Blvd. Tailwaggers, a locally owned pet food and supply store and Tailwashers, its grooming studio, has signed a lease to open at 147 N. Larchmont, the former Flywheel Sports space. It’s nice to see a locally owned business taking up residence in this space, which has been empty since Flywheel Sports closed in August 2019.

We caught up with owner Todd Warner this morning at his new location,  while he was discussing plans to improve the landscaping in the front. Warner gave us a quick tour and showed us how he’s planning to convert the space from a spin studio to a multipurpose space catering to Larchmont pets.

Warner plans to convert part of the old spinning studio space behind the curved wall into day care for small dogs, with windows into the rest of the retail space.

The plan is to offer daycare for small dogs, a self-washing station, and a grooming studio, in addition to a retail store offering a wide array of pet food and supplies. There’s a lot of work to do, but Warner said he hopes he can open the retail shop in March, with other elements to follow. In the meantime, food and supplies can be purchased online with free, same day delivery, added Warner.

“It will be a work in progress,” said Warner.

Warner plans to fill the front part of the space with boutique items like leashes, collars, etc. and have a checkout counter where dogs can hop up and get a treat, like canine shoppers do in his other locations.

Warner told the Buzz he always wanted to be on Larchmont, and in this space at 147 N. Larchmont,  in particular. Warner told us he moved to the area in 1987.  He first lived on Rossmore, and then later bought a home on Tremaine Street in Brookside. At the time, he was working in film and television production.

“As an editor, I used to work in a dark place all by myself and I realized that I really liked people and animals,” said Warner. After some soul searching, he settled on pet care and opened his first Tailwaggers shop and grooming salon in Hollywood, at Bronson and Franklin, in 2003. He also has a second location on Fairfax Avenue. But Warner told us he always loved Larchmont Blvd., even after he moved to Los Feliz, and he stayed in touch with the owners of the building for nearly 12 years. Finally, the timing was right and Warner now hopes to open his third shop in March.

“I look forward to being a committed part of the Larchmont Village neighborhood,” said Warner. He is also planning to finish out the upstairs space to house the offices of his Tailwaggers Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises funds for rescue dogs and cat.

Warner told us the story behind the name, which is an homage to the Tail-waggers Club, an English charity for the advancement of dog welfare, created in 1915.

According to his website:

“The club acted as both a pet registry as well as a philanthropic community and quickly grew. In just over a year, the Club had more than 200,000 dog owners enrolled, and raised $20,000 to be donated to help the work of the Royal Veterinary College.

By 1930, The Tailwaggers Club had almost a million dog members worldwide including the United States, Korea, New Zealand, Persia and Iraq. Each membership included a special collar medallion with the Club’s logo and motto “I help my pals.”

In 1929, Bette Davis put the organization on the map in the US when she was elected as President of Southern California’s branch. Her dedication to animal welfare was a very powerful force in raising awareness in Hollywood. In 1929, Life magazine covered one of her fund raising events, which enlisted the likes of Howard Hughes as a generous donor and Walt Disney, who personally designed the place cards. This simple “old-hollywood” sense of community action is something we are proud to perpetuate and we work closely with several rescue organizations and free clinics as well as donate a percentage of our sales each month to animal charities.”

When Warne was looking for a name for his business, he discovered  the Tailwaggers name was available from a defunct pet food company. The foundation now gives annual grants to local pet rescues and holds fundraising and awarness events – like an annual Santa Paws and Mrs. Claws event, where pets are welcome to post for a holiday photo.

Santa Paws and Mrs. Claws with Todd Warner at Tailwaggers 2019 holiday event (photo from Todd Warner)

Warner is also well connected to the city and the community and serves on the board of the Hollywood Central Park, the organizing group planing to create a 38 acre park over the part of the 101 Hollywood Freeway.

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