Water Leak on Windsor Blvd, City Crews Spring Into Action

A water leak on Windsor Blvd between Beverly and First Street in Windsor Square was quickly repaired by LADWP crews last Tuesday morning. (photo from Christopher Cox)


On Tuesday morning, Buzz reader Christopher Cox alerted the Buzz to a water leak on Windsor Blvd., between Beverly Blvd and First Street in Windsor Square. It seems homeowner Ron Reyes was out of town but noticed something odd on his home video and asked Cox to drive over and check it out. Cox found water running down the street. He and other neighbors alerted LADWP. We notified CD13 Field Deputy George Hakopiants who also alerted the LADWP.


Water was running down the west side of Windsor Blvd. last Tuesday morning. (photo from Christopher Cox)


Within a few hours, city crews were out and the leak was fixed.

“The cause of this leak was more than likely the age of the pipe,” LADWP officials told Field Deputy Hakopiants, who relayed the information to us. “This is a 4” cast iron pipe installed in 1921, it is currently planned for replacement in FY28/29.”

Thanks to quick action of neighbors and LADWP crews, water waste was keep to a minimum.


Just a few hours later, LADWP crews had fixed the leak.


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