Alert: Robbery at 1st and Irving; Suspect Caught

3 females were robbed at gunpoint on Saturday, October 29th at 1st Street and Irving.  Their cell phones were taken.  The responding officers at the scene put out a crime broadcast immediately. Within minutes Olympic officers responding to the scene began to follow a vehicle that matched the description given by the officers. The suspect was taken into custody and the property taken was recovered. The victims also had the opportunity to identify the suspect.

Please report all crimes immediately to LAPD at 911.

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One thought on “Alert: Robbery at 1st and Irving; Suspect Caught

  1. A little more detail. This happened at around 2:15 on Sunday afternoon and the females were teenagers. Not that this information changes the story it just adds to the notion that even during a weekend day we need to be aware of your surroundings.

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