Cold Case Murder Heating Up – Suspect Charged reports that a 22-year old murder case is moving forward.  According to reports, a suspect has been charged in the 1990 murder of  Ann Yao, 31. Ms. Yao was seated in her car on Lucerne, south of Wilshire at the time of the attack.

In a separate incident, the LA County District Attorney’s office released information yesterday that a 35 year old convicted felon was arrested and charged with receiving stolen cameras, laptops, jewelry and high-end electronics worth thousands of dollars following a series of car burglaries around the Hollywood area. No word yet if this fenced material could be from our area but it’s very possible due to the close proximity and the plethora of theft from motor vehicles that have plagued the Hancock Park area of late. The suspect’s main targets were cars parked around the studios because he found that owners left a lot of valuable things inside. Hollywood Detectives are going through the stolen property and expect to have it sorted in the next few days. Anyone looking to claim stolen property is asked to call Hollywood LAPD at (213) 972-2944.


CBSLocal.comMan Charged in Cold Case Murder of Woman During Hancock Park Robbery

LATimes.comEx-Con Investigated in Car Burglaries Near Movie Studios

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