Councilman Tom LaBonge Proposes Fix for Wilshire – City Council Votes on Funding Friday

Councilman Tom LaBonge has prepared a motion to transfer funds to the Bureau of Street Services to make repairs to potholes along Wilshire Boulevard through CD4. The Los Angeles City Council will vote on the motion on Friday, March 30th.

If the motion does pass, it will take the Bureau time to process the request.

Update 3/29 2p –

Please be advised that the following motion: CF# 12-0011-S6Wilshire Boulevard / Fairfax / Wilton / Beautification Projects / Council District 4 will be heard tomorrow, Friday March 30, 2012 in City Council. This motion instructs the City Controller to transfer $6,558 from Council District 4 Street Furniture Funds to Street Services.


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6 thoughts on “Councilman Tom LaBonge Proposes Fix for Wilshire – City Council Votes on Funding Friday

  1. Attaboy, Tom! That’ll help. While you’re at it, can you look into fixing up 3rd Street from Rossmore to La Brea? It’s a mess. Thx.

  2. Curious why the city totally repaves little side streets without nary a pothole & often times end up looking worse after the street repair crews finish repaving. Yet major streets like Wilshire end up with car eating potholes.

    1. Hi @keith – I agree. It’s tough seeing all the re-paving projects going on around the area and not seeing anything happening where the roads need it the most – Wilshire being one of those places.

      Wilshire is going to be torn up very soon when the work on the subway line begins (Western to La Cienega…running right down Wilshire). Whatever work is done on Wilshire will be torn up when that starts. So the pot holes are probably the best solution right now from a practical stand point.

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