Crime Alert for Larchmont and 6 other L.A. Neighborhoods

The LA Times notes that Larchmont area residents reported 9 property crimes last week.  That’s up significantly over the 4.5 per week our area has been averaging over the past several months.  The numbers are based on the most recent period for which reporting is available – October 8th – 14th.

6 other L.A. Neighborhoods saw crime increase, too – LA Times:  Crime Alerts

See the LA Times map of property crimes in the Larchmont area over the past week and prior.

LA Times:  Mapping LA/Central LA/Larchmont – Property Crimes 

Note:  LAPD encourages citizens to report all crimes – no matter how small they may seem.  Crime reports allow the LAPD to see patterns and allocate resources accordingly.

This crime report indicates that there is an immediate issue with Grand Theft Auto and Auto related theft in our Larchmont neighborhood.  Please take appropriate precautions:

    • park cars behind a gate if at all possible
    • leave a car alarm on and respond to it if/when it goes off
    • lock car doors and windows
    • don’t leave valuables inside car (including cords for any cell phones/mp3 players)

Share this with your neighbors!  Remember – sharing this kind of information allows us to work together to create a safer community.


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