Hot Prowl Burglary Reported on South Arden

SSA Security reports that a homeowner in the 600 Block of South Arden was a victim of a burglary that started with the ringing of the front doorbell to gauge if anyone was home.

At approximately 1:45p on Wednesday afternoon, two male suspects rang the doorbell and knocked on the door of this residence. The male occupant of the home was in his son’s bedroom, but did not answer the door.

The victim went to the front door and looked out the window where he observed two male, African American suspects (no further description) walking away from the house. Believing they were leaving, the victim returned to what he was doing.

The suspects went to the side door and, believing no one was home, “kicked in the door” and entered the residence. The victim ran to the master bedroom. The suspects, who the victim indicated were the same two suspects he saw walking away from the front door, saw the victim and ran out the door they had forced entry through. They grabbed the sons’ iPhone as they exited the residence.

LAPD patrol units from Wilshire Division responded in a timely manner. They checked for suspects but none were found. There was no further description of the suspect available. No vehicle description was provided. The officers completed a burglary report.

SSA Security recommends that you use your alarm system even when you are home. In this instance, there was a resident in the home so the alarm was not on. Also, be observant and report unusual activity in your area.



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