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LAPD Captures Hancock Park Burglary Suspects; Perimeter Forces 2 School Lockdowns


On a day when the LAPD was on full tactical alert, four burglary suspects were captured after a 3.5 hour manhunt in the vicinity of 3rd Street and Rossmore Avenue. It was not a good day to try to elude the LAPD.

SSA Security shared a report outlining Friday’s events:

  • At approximately 1pm on Friday, February 8th an observant SSA client noticed a car driving very slowly in the area of 3rd Street and Muirfield Road.
  • The client observed 4 male occupants inside the car.
  • The client observed three of the subjects exit the vehicle and begin walking up and down the street looking at houses. The client eventually lost sight of them.
  • The client observed the car again – with only the driver inside.
  • The client called SSA Security to report his observations.

SSA Security responded to the call and called for back up. The SSA Security officer observed the suspects’ vehicle in the vicinity of 3rd and Rossmore. The driver of the suspect vehicle made an abrupt u-turn and circled back to the south west corner of 3rd and Rimpau where he slowed upon approach. The officer observed the three male African American suspects running down a driveway near the corner of 3rd and Rimpau. The SSA Security officer blocked the suspects’ access to the vehicle so the suspects turned and fled on foot, away from the officer and their own vehicle. The officer observed that two of the suspects on foot were carrying items – one of them had a pillowcase with items inside.

According to the report, the suspect in the vehicle left the scene and the SSA Security officer followed, keeping the LAPD apprised of his location until they could join in pursuit. Eventually, the driver and car were apprehended by the LAPD on the 800 South block of Tremaine.

LAPD Wilshire Division responded in force to the area where the three suspects on foot were last seen and set up a perimeter. Both Marlborough School and Third Street Elementary School went on lockdown as a precautionary measure at approximately 1:15pm. Emergency procedures were put in place – including emergency alert messages (both phone and email) from the schools to parents to keep them informed on the situation. An LAPD helicopter buzzed the area for hours. A K-9 unit was brought in. Traffic was snarled along 3rd Street, Rossmore Avenue, Beverly Boulevard and beyond.

By approximately 4:35pm, the LAPD Officers on scene reported back to LAPD dispatch that they had the final suspect in custody. The 3rd Street Elementary School lockdown was lifted earlier in the afternoon; the Marlborough lockdown was lifted immediately after the final suspect was in custody.

There are reports that some of the stolen items were recovered in front of the victim’s house after the suspects dropped the goods in an attempt to run away.

Thanks to the SSA for sharing their report and their efforts to catch these burglars. Also, thanks to the LAPD for bringing all of their resources to track and bring these men into custody. This came to a positive conclusion because one of our neighbors was observant and acted on what he saw. Thanks to this hero for taking the time to get involved.


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