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Latest Hot Prowl on 600 Block of North Las Palmas

Residents of a house on the 600 Block of North Las Palmas awoke to find that their home had been burglarized overnight while they were asleep upstairs. The suspect(s) entered the home sometime between when the residents went to bed and woke up (10:30p-6:30a) and took a purse and a laptop.

This is the latest in an increasing number of “Hot Prowl” burglaries – defined by SSA Security as when the criminal(s) enters a home while the victim(s) are inside, asleep, but no contact is made between the victim and the criminal.

Points of interest in this incident:

  • The suspect(s) climbed the driveway gate (which was shut and locked) and entered the rear yard
  • The victim had several doors and windows unlocked
  • The alarm was not activated
  • The suspect(s) appear to have made entry via a kitchen window where the suspect(s) opened an alarm screen but not in the traditional sense. The suspect(s) opened it like a door. It is assumed the suspect(s) did this in this manner to not unplug the screen thinking by removing the screen it would set off the alarm.
    • According to SSA Security’s alarm expert – moving the screen in any manner would set off the alarm.
    • Furthermore, modern alarm systems have a feature where you can set the screen alarms independently – so they can be on 24/7 since screens aren’t usually moved around by the homeowner.
  • Victim’s dog was upstairs with the homeowner(s) and did not bark or signal an intruder.

There is no description of the suspect(s) or vehicles involved in this crime.

Crime Prevention Tips – Lock your doors and windows at night. If you have an alarm, set the alarm – even when you are at home. Secure your valuables – take them to the master bedroom when you retire.


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