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Long Awaited Traffic Lights Installed at 3rd and Manhattan Place

A new tri-light traffic light system at 3rd Street and Manhattan Place will be “lit-up” Wednesday afternoon. The traffic lights will control traffic and pedestrian crossings in all directions at the intersection of 3rd Street and Manhattan Place.

This intersection has been a problem zone for years – with neighbors, visitors to the post office and families from both St. Brendan School and Charles Kim School looking for relief from an almost impossible egress north-south and east-west.

The lights will be activated Wednesday, May 30th at 2pm – with the help of CD4 City Councilman Tom La Bonge. La Bonge has recognized and championed the need for traffic lights at this intersection for years. Finally, funding was made available under AB 1290 – it cost $190,000 to install the tri-light traffic lights.

We spoke with some of the City workers who were finishing installation of the system today. It was a totally brand new installation – there wasn’t anything there for them to build off of so they had to bring all of the power, poles, lights and street signs in as part of the process.

As they tested the lights today in advance of going live tomorrow – it became apparent that the intersection could possibly be more dangerous over the next few weeks as both drivers and pedestrians get used to the fact that there is something new going on at that intersection.

Spread the word – be cautious travelling east on 3rd Street!

It sounds like LADOT/LAPD will be a part of the process of getting drivers and pedestrians used to the new traffic lights. Be alert that they will be in the area and they will issue tickets for infractions such as:

  • a pedestrian steps off the curb in to the street before the WALK signal lights up – that will bring on a ticket
  • a motorist crosses into the pedestrian cross walk, while the light is red, in anticipation of a turn (or for any reason) – that will bring on a ticket
  • a motorist doesn’t see the light because they aren’t used to it being there -so they just roll on through. That will definitely bring on a ticket!

All  of these infractions are things that could be habit for some who travel that route everyday. Be warned – tickets are rumored to be in the neighborhood of $300.


New Traffic Lights Waiting for Action
Street Signs Ready to Hang
A Safer Crossing Awaits!
Tri-Light Traffic Light




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  1. This is most likely a very welcomed addition to our little corner of the city. As a resident on Manhattan Place I do fear that it may bring increased traffic on Manhattan Place as motorists attempt to avoid the even busier Western Ave. Time will tell. The other thing that many of the neighbors were curious about is that it came as a complete surprise to us… No notice, no input, nothing.


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