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Recent Burglaries Serve as a Reminder to Be Alert

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Terry Seagraves from SSA Security reached out to make neighbors aware that there were 2 ‘Hot Prowl’ burglaries this past week along South McCadden – and a third incident on the 800 block of North McCadden with similar characteristics. Be alert that there is a ‘Hot Prowl’ burglar working this section of the neighborhood.

From the SSA Security Report, dated April 19, 2013:

On 04-18-13 at approximately 9:30PM, a “Hot Prowl” burglary occurred in the 100 block of S. McCadden Place. A ‘Hot Prowl’ burglary is when a burglar enters the home while residents are present.

The suspect appears to have entered the home through a window in the rear of the home. He rummaged through drawers and took an unknown amount of cash and jewelry in the downstairs area while the victim was upstairs. The victim screamed, the burglar fled and possibly jumped over a rear wall into a neighbors back yard.  A search of the area by the LAPD did not find a suspect.

This is the second night time occurrence this week. Although information is scant, on 04-15-13, at approximately midnight, an audible alarm sounded in the 300 block of S. McCadden that ultimately had ADT, SSA (to the sound of the alarm) and LAPD (to a call from neighbors) respond to the home.

It appears in that instance, the resident had departed the residence for a period of time. The suspect attempted to enter a pool/guest house in the rear of the home which set off the alarm. The suspect then fled. An SSA client, (a nearby neighbor) upon hearing the alarm, looked into the street and observed a male suspect, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, walking from the general vicinity of the home. The suspect entered a non-descript vehicle and left the area. No suspect was arrested in this event.

There was one more incident on McCadden, north of Melrose at 11:30pm on April 16th where a ‘Hot Prowl’ burglar entered a home through a bedroom window and took some undisclosed property.

SSA Security reminds us of the following safety points:

Install good lighting, in both the interior and exterior portions of the residence. The lighting should be controlled by a timer to go on and off at different times. This gives the impression someone is home. Motion detectors can also be helpful in some locations where the light is inconvenient.

Install a good alarm system. Include a ringing alarm to frighten the suspect away. Insure that all entrances are alarmed, including doors, windows and in some cases, screens. Second story entrances should also be included.

• If possible, once in for the night, your “perimeter” alarm system should be set and on line.

Install good locking devices on sliding doors and windows.

When leaving your home, even to go to neighbors for a short visit, think about securing your residence and activating the alarm. Although it is inconvenient, if a suspect is conducting a random search for a place to burglarize, and sees you leave, he will most likely pick your home. They could be in and out by the time you finish visiting with your neighbor.

Don’t have a ladder available for a suspect to utilize to get to a second story window that may have been left open.

• When securing your home for the evening, remember that “hot prowl” suspects burglarize homes while the victims are asleep.

Consider initiating a “neighborhood watch”.

Consider that most people hide their valuables in the same places. An experienced burglar knows where to look.


• Obtain a description of the suspect(s)’ physical appearance, actions and any vehicle descriptions, including license plate numbers.



Website – SSA Security


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