Third Street Repaving Underway

Third Str pave 051

Third Str pave 052Anyone trying to go east-west today in Hancock Park will find their 3rd street route blocked. Third, between Highland and Rossmore is being dug up and repaved as scheduled, and may take up to two weeks to complete.

Work began today with the ‘grinding’ of the street which could take a few days, rendering the route unusable during daytime hours for the next few days. After that Third will be accessible, though quite bumpy, dusty and slow-going. According to Deputy Ben Seinfield from Tom LaBonge’s office, tbis will be followed by the resurfacing, after which CD4 will work closely with the Department of Transporation to see that painting of the stripes happens as soon possible after the new surface is installed.

Lots of traffic is diverting to side streets so residents along 4th will find many vehicles avoiding the Third Street route.

Improvement of other portions of Third Street is expected  to happen in the next fiscal year.

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