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Weekend Brunch Hotspots


There’s nothing quite like a leisurely weekend brunch, spending time catching up with  friends and family. There are endless options in Los Angeles, especially in the Hollywood area, but these are three standouts.

Vernetti, located right in Hancock Park’s backyard, recently started serving brunch. Their pancakes are fluffy with the perfect amount of sweetness, served with a side of maple syrup or blueberry compote. While everything we had was excellent, the Crispy Polenta Cake was a true highlight. The outside of the cake was crispy while the inside was soft and creamy. Served with a side of soft scrambled egg and chanterelles sauteed with sage, this dish still is classified as a breakfast dish but the polenta cake adds an unexpected and delicious element. Looking around, we saw a few diners enjoying the Morning Carbonara, which looked divine. Our table looked on enviously and decided that it is a must order for our next visit. The restaurant has a lovely outdoor seating area or escape the sun and sit inside their new, beautifully appointed dining room.


Commissary in The Line Hotel defies all of my preconceived notions of what it means to dine in a hotel restaurant. Set on the roof in what looks like atrium, Commissary serves some of the best brunch in town. The first item on their menu, the Breakfast Burrito, is served with their in-house made salsa verde, steak, egg, beans and as the menu says, “love”. This burrito does not disappoint and is a must order. Their Chorizo and Eggs are served alongside hash browns, which are crispy with the perfect amount of saltiness, another great item. The ambiance of the restaurant is perfect for an extended, relaxed brunch. There is patio seating or you can be out of the  elements with the sun still shining through in their plant-adorned dining room.

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Republique, in the old Campanile space is often only thought of as a dinner spot, but their more-casual brunch is off the charts. There is no table service, so you order at the counter at the front of the restaurant. You can’t go wrong with any of their traditional breakfast dishes, but if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, check out the Kimchi Fried Rice. The dish has bits of deliciously tender short rib and is topped with two soft eggs. To balance out a savory meal, order the Sticky Bomb. Freshly baked brioche filled with cream, bourbon, bacon, pecans and maple. If you get there toward the earlier side of when they open, you shouldn’t have an issue snagging a table after you order. Don’t let the lengthy line deter you, it always moves quickly, and is worth the wait.

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Hannah B. Davis
Hannah B. Davis
Hannah Davis is a film, food and wine enthusiast. She grew up in Hancock Park where her parents, younger brother and sister still live. While she is no longer a neighborhood resident, she can often be found barbecuing in her parents' backyard, window shopping or getting in a good sweat at Flywheel on Larchmont. Hannah graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and currently works at William Morris Endeavor.

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