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Greater Hancock Park Area Feeder Ride to Sunday’s CicLAvia

Riders at last April’s CicLAvia through the Historic Core or LA. Photo credit: waltarrrrr via photopin cc

Area bikers will be “swarming” on Sunday – south towards the CicLAvia course on Venice Boulevard!  Join The Buzz – as we organize a bike caravan from our neighborhood to the route. Kids, parents, weekend-riders, and even real pros are all encouraged to join our area’s feeder ride over to Venice Boulevard.

We’ll travel along established bike routes for as much of the way as possible and get to Venice Boulevard safely. Once on the course, area riders can take on the open road and create their own adventure…

Join us and be a part of the rolling party! We’ll have two spots to meet – with staggered starts so the first group can meet up with the second group along the way. We can make the final push to Venice Boulevard as one large group.

Greater Hancock Park Area Feeder Ride Meeting Times/Locations:


  • 9:15am – Meet at the Bank of America parking lot (at the corner of 1st and Larchmont) before 9:15am
    • we’ll leave at 9:15am and ride west to Arden and then head south to 4th Street
    • at 4th Street we’ll turn right and ride west to Rimpau
    • at Rimpau we’ll turn left and head south along Rimpau towards Venice Boulevard


  • 9:45am – Meet at the south west corner of 8th Street and Rimpau before 9:45am
    • Group 1 will meet up with Group 2 at approximately 9:45am
    • we’ll leave at 9:45am and ride south along Rimpau to Pico. We can cross Pico and ride a safe route from there to Venice.
    • we’ll arrive at about 10:00am to a bike friendly Venice Boulevard!

Riders welcome to join the group along the way.

CicLAvia will provide an open Venice Boulevard to bike riders and pedestrians from downtown to the ocean between 10am-3pm Sunday. Area riders can enjoy the open, relatively flat Venice Boulevard for much of the day. The hardy can continue the fun with a ride back home. For those of you who might intend to leave it all on Venice, there’s Metro Bus Service to get you home…

Metro Bus 212/312 runs on La Brea and leaves La Brea/Venice heading north every 20 minutes on the :09s…for example, 3:09pm, 3:29pm; 3:49pm. You can put your bike(s) on the front of the bus and it’s a 10 minute bus ride up La Brea to 3rd Street.

(Note: There will be some interruption in bus service that day…we will report the actual service schedule when it is released.)

If you follow LarchmontBuzz on Facebook, please find this event on our Facebook page and let us know you’ll be joining the ride! And be sure to share this with your neighborhood friends…community is what CicLAvia is all about.

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Mary has lived in the Hancock Park area for over 20 years - including homes in Larchmont Village and Windsor Square. Mary has lived in some great places in her life - but none compare to the convenience and majesty of our neighborhood. For Mary, the neighborhood has been a wonderful home to her large, extended one time she had family members living on seven different Hancock Park area blocks! Larchmont Buzz is a labor of love - built to celebrate the neighborhood and to elevate the conversation in the area.

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