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GWNC Green Fair Provides Sustainability Information, Tips & Demonstrations

On Saturday, March 24, the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council held its first-ever Green Fair, at Memorial Library Park.  The event was co-sponsored by the Koreatown Youth + Community Center, and the office of City Council Member David Ryu, along with Friends of Memorial Library, the Hancock Park Garden Club,  LA City Sanitation, Slow Food LA and LA Solar Group.  The goal was to help local residents learn how to live a more sustainable or “green” lifestyle, with activities such as installing solar panels, driving electric vehicles, conserving water, planting more drought-tolerant landscaping and even reducing food waste.  The garden club gave away copies of their booklet on planning and designing sustainable front yards in our historic neighborhoods, KYCC gave away free trees…and Slow Food LA provided cooking and food preservation demonstrations.

Here are the Slow Food recipes for Preserved Lemons and Broccoli Slaw, demonstrated at the event…followed by photos of the fun day. (Photos by Patty Lombard and Dan Kegel.)


Broccoli Slaw (demonstrated by Slow Food LA representative and Brookside resident Sherri Vinton, from her cookbook “Eat it Up!,” DaCapo Press, 2016)

If you are new to using broccoli stalks, this is a great “gateway” recipe. The tender stalks add just enough crunch and their delicate flavor really lets the Asian dressing shine. If you have extra veg on hand–some radishes, daikon, cabbage, peppers–you can prep them in the same manner and throw them in as well. This slaw is happy to play. Makes 2 to 4 side dish servings.

2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon rice vinegar or white wine vinegar
Pinch of granulated sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
2 tablespoons neutral oil, such as organic canola
Red pepper flakes (optional)
Broccoli stalks from 1 bunch of broccoli, peeled, trimmed, and shredded or cut into matchsticks
2 carrots, shredded or cut into matchsticks
2 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro (optional)
2 tablespoons sesame seeds

In a large bowl, whisk the soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar until the sugar is dissolved.
Whisk in the oils and red pepper flakes, if using.
Add the broccoli and carrots and toss to combine.
Garnish with the cilantro, if using, and the sesame seeds.
Can be made up to 2 hours ahead.


Preserved Lemons (demonstrated by Slow Food LA representative Susan Nickels)

From the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving ©2006.  Makes one quart jar.

10 lemons, divided
½ cup pickling or canning salt, divided

Sterilize jar by boiling in water for 10 minutes.
Wash 5 of the lemons, scrubbing to remove any dirt or wax, dry well.
Cut a thin slice off the stem end.
From stem end, cut each lemon into quarters, without cutting through the bottom end and leaving it intact.
Juice the remaining 5 lemons.
Sprinkle 1 tbsp salt over the bottom of the sterilized jar.
Working over a bowl, pack 1 heaping tbsp salt into each lemon before placing in the jar and pressing down.
Repeat with remaining lemons and salt.
Cover with remaining salt.
Fill jar with lemon juice to within ½ inch from top of jar.
Place lid on jar and store in a dark, cool cupboard for 2 weeks, shaking every day to redistribute the salt.
After 2 weeks the lemons are ready to use.
Store in the refrigerator for 6 months to a year.



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Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN but has lived in LA since 1991 - with deep roots in both the Sycamore Square and West Adams Heights-Sugar Hill neighborhoods. She spent 10 years with the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, volunteers at Wilshire Crest Elementary School, and has been writing for the Buzz since 2015.

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