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Larchmont Village ADU Provides Homeowners with Additional Income

This charming Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Larchmont Village has helped homeowners Paul and Candice Nankivell cover lots of household costs. (photos from Candice Nankivell)

Paul and Candice Nankivell have been Airbnb’ing their Larchmont Village ADU/guest house since 2016. They have enjoyed every aspect of opening their space to people from all over the world.  We asked Candice to share their story with Buzz readers.

After purchasing and remodeling our house in 2015, my husband, Paul created an ADU from our former garage primarily with the idea it could help supplement our income.  It wasn’t until a friend mentioned hosting the guest house on the online platform Airbnb that the popularity of the space really took off.

Over the years, our Airbnb has hosted over 1,200 unique guests, and has helped us  to cover many of our household bills.  The quaint, 200 square foot space has a large bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette.  Additionally, our quiet and very green backyard allows an additional space for visitors to relax and enjoy nature.

We believe we have created a magical, private garden in the middle of our beautiful city! When guests stay, they tell us they love the well-designed space that provides a perfect getaway. They love the proximity to Larchmont and all it’s amenities that are just a short walk away. And, for those visiting friends or family in the neighborhood who don’t have a guest room, this space provides a perfect option.

Our ADU allows us to show off two of our favorite things, our beautiful backyard garden oasis and Larchmont Village.

Additionally, we get to host and meet travelers from all over the world, who love the location for its charm and neighborhood feel.  Many international guests tell us exploring Larchmont Village was one of the reasons they wanted to visit, something we didn’t expect, considering Larchmont’s relative obscurity even to Angelenos!

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  1. Would the couple with the ADU listing on Airbnb be willing to share their listing? It would be great to learn more about the space and the location for those of us in the neighborhood who have visitors.



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