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101 Exhibit / Robin Eley and Christine Weir

101 Exhibition by Robin Eley and Qualia by Christine Weir now on view

Artist Robin Eley in “Loss / Less,” shows through a pixilated process chaos of a different kind, the Internet. His body of works are small individual tiles juxtaposed in a scrambled manner. The works are mostly portraits that move in a static manner on the canvas. The work is political, social and behavioral chaos in the high tech world we now must live in, like it or not.

Robin Eley grew up in Australia and attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara earning a BA in Fine Art. He has received many awards since then, earning him respect and recognition in the Art World. His award from Arts SA, led him to an artist residency invitation in Los Angeles from 101 Exhibit.

In his show he has a very personal art piece called “Binary.jpg,” a photo his twins’ birth. He painted this portrait then made small individual tiles which he sent to people all over the world. The experiment was to receive each tile back, either as sent or redone by the recipient. These tiles are juxtaposed to recreate the original portrait of his twins. The message is very powerful, it asks how do we fit in with (technology / internet) in our society, and how does it intoxicate our children.

Personally this made the whole body of artworks complete. You will need to fill in the missing pieces with the logic of reality.

101 Exhibit / Robin Eley
Loss / Less
May 20th – July 14, 2017
668 North La Peer Dr.
West Hollywood

IMG_1181 IMG_1180 IMG_1174

The Art Deco building at 170 S. La Brea holds a variety of galleries including LAUNCH LA upstairs where local artist Christine Weir is having her first exhibition and is a great place to view many artists.

Weir’s first art exhibition called “QUALIA” showcases intricately detailed drawings using graphite on clay panels. The aesthetic artworks bring feelings and emotions that are visually unique to each piece on display. All works are done in layers of pencil graphite meticulously placed, her images are rivers viewed from Google Earth.

Christine has been a resident of Los Angeles for twenty years. Her knowledge from appraising art at Bonhams and Butterfields are reflected in the careful intricate details she uses in her own artwork. When I spoke with her she expressed this is how she wants to create.
In retrospect I have gained a great realization of her art methodology with her Imagery of rivers and waterways she uses from Goggle Earth.
When you experience her artwork and the careful detail she executes in creating her pieces, it’s a interesting comparison of her art talent used with satellite imagery.     We see the history in our landscape of different horizontal layers that combine texture and color as a result of the past.  Her application of graphite,  thin and thick, mimic all have various densities she applies on each panel.  I admire the texturizing incorporated in her artwork because it defines what actually occurs on our earth.
Her correlation between chaos on our planet intermixed with the emotions of anxiety, human struggle with our own personal quaila, are individually unique, like our thumbprint. I walked away enlightened in the creative process…this show is a must see.

Christine Weir / QUALIA
May 20th – June 17, 2017
170 S. La Brea Ave
LA CA 90036

HeatherGazarianHeather Jade Gazarian has lived in Hancock Park for almost ten years.  She is currently a docent at the Marciano Art Foundation. Heather studied Fine Art and Art History at UCSB and worked for a major art dealer in NYC.  Though her career changed over the years, her love for art remains.  She looks forward to sharing all the “must see” art openings in our neighborhood lucky to have a variety of art museums and galleries to enrich our palette.


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  1. I hope Gazarian continues to contribute – LA is filled with tons of art galleries and shows and this may help people get out to enjoy what LA has to offer. Please do more!


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