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Daily Images on Larchmont Boulevard

Photographer/artist Michelle Groskopf on Larchmont Boulevard.
Photographer/artist Michelle Groskopf on Larchmont Boulevard.

Often times locals will notice the paparazzi hanging out on Larchmont in order to capture a shot of a celebrity living life. Their long lenses are a dead giveaway as they hope to capture that perfect shot – the money shot – the lift of a monster ice cream to the face or the exit from any of our popular coffee shops/local eateries.

Recently, people who frequent Larchmont Boulevard may have noticed a photographer with a shorter lense and interest in a more varied subject pallet. Photographer/artist Michelle Groskopf has committed to documenting life on Larchmont over the course of a year…in sharp detail, up close and personal.


According to Groskopf, the project began as a way to tap into something positive while things in her personal life were a bit challenging. “This was a tough summer,” Groskopf shared with LarchmontBuzz. “My work in the art department all but dried up and I watched as my partner cared for her dying mother. I fell into a sort of funk and became quite reclusive saying no to most things.”

For Groskopf, her daily walk to Larchmont Boulevard with her dog inspired her to bring along her camera. “There is something amazing that happens when you follow the same path everyday. You become invested, you see details and notice patterns. You get to know the people who call your path home. You make friends…and sometimes a few enemies,” she recounts.

A quick snap and that trip to the ice cream shop is memorialized! (Photo credit: Michelle Groskopf)
A quick snap and that trip to the ice cream shop is memorialized! (Photo credit: Michelle Groskopf)

Groskopf snaps away as she does her daily jaunt. And when you see the results you can see that she has quite an eye. “After 8 months of almost daily walks I have accumulated hundreds of photos. I don’t think I’ve been more proud of anything I’ve done in my life. It reminds me that in the middle of despair it’s possible to find great beauty and humanity, enough to pick oneself up. Also that great work stems from daily practice.”

According to Groskopf, reactions from local residents have been mixed. “There’s a reasonable amount of risk in taking flash based photographs of strangers in the street. The best days are those when people are talkative and curious about what I’m trying to accomplish, but sadly I get yelled at a lot. I only ever take photographs of people who I think are beautiful or interesting in some way. People who bring character and flair to the street, people who catch my eye.”

“Overall I think anything that brings me into peaceful conversation with my neighbors is great. Street photography acts as a bridge in that way for me. I’m generally quite shy and more of an observer than a participant. It’s taken me months but now I can proudly say I recognize a lot of the regulars that cross my path and it’s often that I share a quick word or a hello with people I may never have spoken to otherwise.”

As we stood on the Boulevard and shared this project, Groskopf seemed to know many of the faces coming at us in a very intimate, neighborly way. “It’s very easy to walk a boulevard day in and day out and not really see the details. The details have become everything to me. I want to personally thank everyone who gracefully allowed me to capture the feeling Larchmont gives me.”

This is an on-going project for Groskopf. She would eventually like to publish some of her photos in a book. “I think they’re beautiful pieces. I just love Larchmont so much. It’s like the best little secret.”

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