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Happy Valentine’s Day, Bee-loved Larchmont

Showing our local love on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably received dozens of emails about Valentine’s Day, promoting things to buy for your Valentine, ways to celebrate, etc. Well, this is not that — we aren’t going to help you script out the perfect, romantic Valentine’s Day (though we do politely suggest that if you are inclined to spend, it’s always nice to show some love to our Larchmont businesses). Instead of a “to do” or a “to buy” list, we’d like to offer you a different kind of Valentine — a “to Bee” list…simply a lovely bouquet of a dozen photos celebrating 12 things we love about life in our Larchmont and larger central LA neighborhood.  We hope you enjoy them, and we invite you to share your lovelies with us, too.

1. Larchmont Blvd. – of course!
2. Waiting for coffee.
3. Ice cream!
4. Our local flora and fauna…and the beautiful ecosystem they create together.
5. The first spray of roses.
6. The bounty of our gardens.
7. Trees.
8. Seasons
9. Wonderful museums (LACMA here).
10. Amazing institutions (e.g. the Ebell of Los Angeles).
11. Sunrises.
12. Sunsets over Larchmont.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Larchmont Buzz!


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