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Larchmont Boulevard Circa 1920s

Intersection of Larchmont Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard facing south; photo courtesy of Reddit user jackrunbackwards
Intersection of Larchmont Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard facing south; photo found on wikipedia courtesy of Reddit user jackrunbackwards

Yesterday we came across a picture posted on by user jackrunbackwards.  Upon first glance you would hardly recognize it as the intersection of Larchmont Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard…but it is.  Only it’s about 90 years ago.

It’s incredible to focus on how much has changed in that period of time. Click on this link and you’ll see a larger version of the photo where you will pick up on the Shell station on the north east corner where Ritz Cleaners currently resides. There are lots of other details…no trees, awnings off every shop and the train tracks and electric lines from the #3 line streetcars that ran from downtown, up 3rd Street to Larchmont and then on towards Hollywood.

One thing has remained the same…it looks like there’s no open parking spaces.

Share your earliest memories of Larchmont in our comment section…Jergensen’s, Phil’s Fish, Safeway, Winchell’s. Which ones do you wish were still around?

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  1. The sandwiches @ Jurgensens will never be duplicated…seems someone could try and do the job.

    When Coffee Bean opened in their first Larchmont location…I predicted they would never last….just selling Coffee & Tea. I have lost track of how many “coffee” shops now occupy the street. Needless to say someone else now manages my investments.

    Michael Cornwell, Former 40+ Windsor Square Resident
    Pasadena…10 years now

  2. Yea Michael C,

    Ah yea Jurgensens… A gourmet market complete with charge accounts & delivery service. There was an era when there wasn’t any coffee shops around like Coffee Bean. And the ‘mont was pretty much closed up on Sundays & Mondays.

    I do like the sandwich shop ’round the corner on Beverly Blvd, they’ve been there for eons.

  3. Of course, my first vote is also for Jurgensens and the great sandwiches — also their gifts, cheeses, friendly butcher, aand delicscy foods you couldn’t find anywhere else. However, up the street where Girasole’s is now, was the Larch Mart, which also delivered, and was a more basic food store. Great “regular” shopping. Then there was Mrs. Morris’ children’s clothes — a treasure! And the plain old liquor store where Sam’s Bagels is, and Kiplings Flowers………. I’d better stop before I fill a book.
    (I do not miss the street car, tho I remember it. The median is much more attractive! )


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