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Local Teens Cope During the Recent Lengthy Power Outage

Local teens without power two weeks ago spent hours playing games. Here’s the Risk game board in play at the Bracco family’s home in Hancock Park. (photo from Erin Bracco, a junior at Immaculate Heart High School)


Following the big storm two weeks ago, many neighborhood families were left without power for up to three days. Thankfully, my family and I were among the people who did not lose power. Instead, our wi-fi was out for over two days, preventing me from completing homework assignments, watching TV, and using the internet. This was only a small taste of what those without power experienced, and it made me wonder how other teens in the neighborhood dealt with the power outage. If I was frustrated over not being able to use the internet for two days, how did other people my age cope without any wi-fi or electricity? 

Unsurprisingly, the experience was difficult for most. Aria Kuklinski, a junior at Marlborough School, described how she was forced to take a sponge bath, charge her phone in the car, and use candlelight around her house. 

“It was super difficult, but my family and I managed to find ways to work around it,” said Kuklinski. “I ended up just going to bed early to avoid the situation.”

Other teens found ways to avoid their homes entirely. Another Marlborough student, senior Riley Kraaijvanger, lost power at her house for three days and ended up spending the night at her girlfriend’s house instead. 

Immaculate Heart student Erin Bracco also lost power for three days and spent the weekend finding ways to have fun despite the situation. Alongside keeping the fridge closed, bringing out candles and lanterns, and sleeping over at a friend’s house for one night, Bracco and her family decided to play games to pass the time. 

“My family and I ended up playing Risk for over 12 hours; it was a lot, but overall fun,” said Bracco. “We were able to find fun in a bad situation.”

Though teenagers spent their time without power in a variety of ways, everyone generally attempted to accommodate their circumstances to the best of their abilities. 


My name is Abby Byrne and I am a junior in high school at Marlborough School. I am currently an editor for my school newspaper and have always loved writing, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to write for the Buzz! I have lived and gone to school in the Larchmont area my whole life and am so happy to be able to celebrate and write about the community that has been so important to me.

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