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Making An Educational Happy New Year!

Parents in Larchmont finding the best school choice for their children.

It’s January and as a parent you have just survived the first four months of your child’s school year. You’ve made it through the first weeks of uncertainty and anxiety about a new classroom.  You have lost and found backpacks, lunches, and important school notices! You have remained cheerily optimistic in front of your child, spouse and judgmental friends. You have met friendly and not so friendly parents.  You have gone to parent group meetings and the individual parent conference with your child’s teacher and listened dutifully. Good for you!

However, the question remains: how do you feel about all of this? 
Is the school what you expected?  Is this really a good fit for your child, and for you?  Are you happily opening your eyes each morning to another day of the “morning madness” involved in getting to school?  Are you free of nagging doubts and unanswered questions? Is what you wanted in sync with what you have?

These questions can only be answered by you because you drive the bus.  You are in charge of picking the right school experience for your child and for you as a family.  January is a good time to evaluate and look around for options that make an educational Happy New Year.  Maybe you should write up some questions for the teacher, coach, or head of school?  Maybe get a schedule, a carpool, a hobby, a direction to initiate beneficial changes?

Whatever your outlook, have an outlook.

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Fiona Whitney
Fiona Whitney

Fiona Whitney is the author of three successful school guides all published under The Whitney Guide series, about preschool, private and public elementary education in Los Angeles. As a School Consultant she has a stellar record of placing children in the top schools in LA and beyond. Fiona has lived in Hancock Park for over 20 years and raised her two children through the private and public systems. She will be contributing a series of stories for the Buzz on educating children in Los Angeles.

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