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Meet this Tree: Handroanthus chrysotricha – Golden Trumpet Tree

The Golden Trumpet trees is a lovely street tree in Pasadena. (all photos from Emina Darakjy)

Handroanthus chrysotricha, commonly known as the golden trumpet tree also goes by another name, Tabebeuia chrysotricha.

This tree is native to the tropical regions of Brazil and Columbia and is related to the Jacaranda.

The Tabebeuia tree was introduced by the Los Angeles State and County Arboretum in 1964. The tree is semi-deciduous.

This is a small to medium-sized tree with a gray and fissured trunk, growing slowly 25 to 30 feet tall, it does better in warmer weather but is known to tolerate temperatures as low as 25 degrees. The tree performs well in any type of soil condition with good drainage.

The leaves are dark green with veins, composed of 5 leaflets on fuzzy brownish twigs. The leaves drop in late winter to early spring. What follows is a profusion of brilliant yellow trumpet-shaped flowers on bare branches with maroon striping in their throats. The flowers attract bees and hummingbirds who love to feed on their sweet nectar.

The flowers are followed by new leaves and long, narrow fuzzy seed pods that crack open releasing papery seeds that cascade to the ground, another food source for birds.
The tree requires low maintenance, is considered drought tolerant when mature, looks better with age and is disease resistant. You can find this tree growing in parkways, parks, in one’s garden, and is a good candidate for under power lines.

The golden trumpet tree is the National flower of Brazil. Its vivid yellow color replicates the yellow on the Brazilian flag.

Every spring we are rewarded and dazzled by the beauty of many flowering trees that come in a wide range of colors. For me the neon yellow of the golden trumpet tree puts it at the top of my list of flowering trees.

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Emina Darakjy
Emina Darakjy
Emina Darakjy is a past president of Pasadena Beautiful and is its present Tree Program Chair. Darakjy says she has always had a passion for trees and that she is involved with several other tree organizations such as California Re-Leaf, the Arbor Day Foundation, and American Forests. She is a past president of Street Tree Seminar Inc. and the present president of the California Urban Forests Council.

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