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New Bike Service Station on Larchmont Boulevard

Bike Service Station

A bike service station was recently installed on Larchmont Boulevard, on the sidewalk adjacent to the bike parking corral.The service station is part of the LADOT’s commitment to install 11 repair stations with $17,000 in grant money the City received from the Bikes Belong Foundation (People for Bikes).

                 Identifiers as to all that this public bike maintenance machine can do@!
Identifiers as to all that this public bike maintenance machine can do@!

According to the LADOT Bike Blog:

The repair stations include all the tools necessary for basic repairs including a tire lever, phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, set of allen keys, set of wrenches (sizes 8, 10, 15, 32mm) and a heavy-duty air pump. QR codes posted on every stand direct users to instructions on how to fix various kinds of bicycle-related problems. Because vandalism and theft of tools has been a concern, LADOT worked with the manufacturer (DERO) to design a lockbox feature to make the stations secure after business hours and overnight. The business partner agrees to make sure the tools are locked away and to replace them if they are stolen (LADOT provides one set of spare parts).

Locations have been selected based on the interest of businesses who agree to become a maintenance partner with the City to ensure the stations stay in good repair.  An employee of Larchmont Wine & Cheese who bikes to work everyday has agreed to partner with LADOT.

Note:  Be sure to download a QR Code reader on your smart phone in order to access instructions on how to use the service station.


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  1. $1600 for a bicycle pump and screwdriver? No wonder the city is going under. Perhaps water pipes, reservoirs and roads should be the focus, not over-priced pumps and cages that block the street even more.


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