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New Street Art in Local Area


There are a couple of new pieces of local street art to point out. Both are painted words- both in French – on walls in separate parts of our greater neighborhood. One has been up for a few weeks, and the other has only been up for a couple of days. One has us stymied – we can’t figure out who put it up or what it’s about.

The other is very clear.

Larchmont Boulevard

Larchmont Street Art 01 15

Let’s begin with the street art that’s been up the longest. Buzz reader Erik Crezpo shared this one with us on Facebook just after the New Year and if you’ve been on Larchmont Boulevard lately, you might have noticed it. Plus Fort J’Adore. “Plus Fort” (means either “the louder” or “the stronger”), “j’adore” (“I like it”), “t’adore” (“you like it”). So, either “the louder, the more I (or you) like it”, or “the stronger, the more I (or you) like it.” I would extrapolate to “the louder the better”.*

This wall painting replaces another piece of street art that we pointed out almost two years ago…that of an old blown up LAPD photo.

Piece of street art that was on this building in Larchmont prior to the French statement.
Piece of street art that was on this building in Larchmont prior to the French statement.

We’ve Googled this one and checked Street Art websites, but we can’t come up with any thing that leads to meaning. Does it mean anything to you? Add your thoughts in the comments.

La Brea Avenue

Mr Brainwash La breaWhile the first subject seems to be art with a hidden meaning, this second one is clear as a bell. Paris born, Los Angeles based street artist Mr. Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta) updated the painting on the building he owns on La Brea Avenue. And his message is his sad reaction to recent events in Paris…the cry heard the world over.

*special thanks to Stan and Elizabeth for help with the translation on the Larchmont Boulevard art! 


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