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Prolonged Heat Takes a Toll on Windsor Square Canopy

Young Tree on Windsor Square parkway
Thirsty, young tree along 2nd Street

Fall is here, but the heat usually associated with Summer doesn’t show any signs of letting up. Weeks of temperatures over 80° make our dry climate even harder on trees that normally have a high tolerance to the limited water they receive.

We had a reader contact us to ask if we could remind residents to water. So we reached out to Scott Goldstein, Chairman, Windsor Square “Canopy”, for recommendations on how to best care for your trees in this heat…especially the trees on the parkway.

 “Lawn water is good for lawns. It waters shallowly, but does not provide nearly enough for tress. Deep watering is necessary, which usually means getting a hose down there and watering the four quadrants surrounding the tree with a slow drip for a minimum one hour each. Use directions to determine the four quadrants ─ North, East, South, West. Depending on the intensity and duration of heat, anywhere from once per week, to twice per week. Mature trees that are healthy only need it once. Younger trees may need a second watering. The second watering in the same week, if necessary, and if it’s really been hot, can be for 30 minutes per quadrant. Saplings will need water every day, if just planted or still very young and not established.”

Our neighborhood has so many beautiful trees…be sure to show them some love with a good soaking once (or twice) a week!

 DWP Ordinances and Codes


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