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Saint Brendan Kindergartners’ Team Up with New Horizons Students to Support Afghan Refugees

St. Brendan’s teacher Stacy Herman, with teachers from the New Horizon School, leads efforts to support Afghan refugees.

Kindergartners at St. Brendan School are teaming up with the New Horizon School at the Islamic Center of Southern California to support Afghan refugees through Sabil USA.

St. Brendan’s teacher Stacy Herman is heading up the efforts. “It is a long standing tradition of the kindergarten students to read the book Stone Soup, and to use that story as a way to illustrate the importance of sharing what we have with others. Due to COVID restrictions, the kindergarten cannot make pots of soup to share this year, but we can still work together to provide those who need our help,” explains Ms. Herman.

Instead of sharing soup, the students are collecting household items, cleaning and hygiene kits, to donate to Afghan refugees through Sabil USA, a non-profit organization that assists the homeless and refugees. The St. Brendan’s staff will transport the items to New Horizons School, which will deliver everything to Sabil’s offices in Orange County. The drive will continue through October 13th.


In 2019, students from St. Brendan’s Catholic School sang a song of peace to students from Islamic New Horizon School.

Since starting their partnership in 2016, St. Brendan’s and New Horizons have enjoyed bringing their students together to learn about each other’s cultures, holidays and traditions. Joining forces to support the refugees has been a great way to continue to strengthen the bond between these local schools. 

As a new Kindergarten parent, I’m happy to say I’ve had such a wonderful experience so far! If you’re applying to schools for next fall, I encourage you to apply to St. Brendan’s. They are currently accepting applications for 2022-2023 and will be having an open house in late winter. You can find out more by visiting

Estella Dill, June Wilner and Billie Pappas on the first day of Kindergarten at St. Brendan’s.
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Anne Wilner
Anne Wilner
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