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Tale of Two Chevrons

Two Chevrons

The gas station on the northwest corner of La Brea and Beverly Boulevard changed hands on October 24th. Formerly a Valero Gas Station, the property was bought by Ben Pouldar, 14-year owner of the competitor across the street – the Chevron station on the southeast corner.

According to Pouldar, the Valero property became available and he recognized the opportunity it would provide for his company to serve a larger base of customers more effectively. While two outlets of the same gas station operating so close to each other might seem highly unusual, Pouldar points out that it’s a common practice in other areas like Orange County and Las Vegas. When asked what it would mean for prices through the intersection, Pouldar assured us that while prices at both of his Chevrons will be the same, he is very focused on being competitive with other gas stations in the area. He was able to quote prices at gas stations from Highland and Melrose, to further west on Beverly and further south on La Brea…noting that his prices are currently a minimum of 4-cents cheaper than all of them.

Pouldar shared some of the changes that he’s already made to the property and his vision for the future. Since taking over the station, he’s spent a large amount of time cleaning, painting and sprucing up the place.

  • As part of the transfer of the property, the alley behind the building was re-paved – allowing for smooth egress after a car wash
  • Fresh coat of paint everywhere – including the car wash
  • New gas pump covers with familiar Chevron technology
  • 2 handicap credit card units at the pumps
  • Combo garbage/window cleaning units

He intends to remove a tree stump adjacent to the entrance off of La Brea and to plant new trees in two empty slots along the sidewalks, both on La Brea and on Beverly. Currently, they are working with the City of LA on permitting for signage and canopies over the pumps – all of which would be similar to the ones at his original station across the street. Also, the current store will be enlarged to create a fully renovated Chevron Food Mart.

So – all in all this looks like a win. A clean, service oriented gas station replaces one that had increasingly become dirty and inconsistent. The owner is obviously committed to the area and appears to be focused on the right things – chief among them service.

Alley behind the new Chevron was repaired for smooth exit from Car Wash
Recently added handicap payment option (blue unit on the left side of pump)
New trash/window washing receptacles
Store to be renovated
Two Chevrons at La Brea and Beverly
Looking northwest across the La Brea/Beverly intersection…it’s all Chevron


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  1. Strangely enough to be partial to a gas station, but I always like his original store on the southeast corner of that intersection. Wonder what makes it special? And if he will duplicate that across the street?


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