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Theater Review: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Leo Stromberg (left) meets the cast of Goldilocks and the Three Bears


by Leo Stromberg

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (now playing at Theatre West’s Storybook Theatre) is a musical story about a girl named Goldilocks who has a happy family, a mommy and a daddy, but wants an adventure. She loves her family, but doesn’t like her mom’s porridge. She goes off one day to search for an adventure in a forest that is literally right next to her house.

In the forest lives a young bear named Teddy Bear.  Teddy Bear lives with his Mama and Papa Bear in a cute house and they live like a normal family — except that they are bears. Unlike Teddy Bear, Mama Bear makes the best porridge.

Teddy Bear is just like Goldilocks. He loves his family, playing Beartendo Switch, Knotts Beary Farm, and going to Bears R’ Us, but he is a bit bored with his life and wants an adventure. His world is just like Goldilocks, but it is a Bear world. But he isn’t sure of what kind of adventure to go on, so he asks the kids in the audience where they would like to go for an adventure.

While the Bear Family leaves their house,  Goldilocks sets off on her adventure. She finds Teddy Bear’s house when no one is home. She also finds Mama Bear’s porridge and it is so much better than her mama’s porridge. She steals Mama Bear’s porridge recipe to take back home. The recipe has a secret ingredient that makes the porridge super good.

Goldilocks’ find is life-changing for her family. When the Bear Family comes home, they realize that someone ate their porridge, tried all their chairs and even broke one, and slept in all their beds. Teddy Bear discovers that Mama Bear’s porridge recipe is missing. The audience gives him clues about who took Mama Bear’s recipe. Teddy Bear goes on his own adventure to find Goldilocks and return Mama Bear’s porridge recipe home.

Goldilocks and Teddy Bear meet in the forest and realize that even though they are different, they are very similar. They quickly become friends. When Goldilocks and Teddy Bear introduce their families, at first the families are scared of one another because they are different. But they soon realize that they are also very similar and decide to become friends. The story is really about that if you meet someone new or someone who may seem different from you, you should say hello because they might be a lot like you. Maybe you will end up being friends! This is an important lesson and you should also do it at school.

I really liked the songs and the audience dancing with Goldilocks. I liked how Goldilocks and Teddy Bear had us sing with them. It was a very interactive play and the actors joined the audience and got us dancing and moving around.

The stage was cute. I thought the story was cute and funny. I thought all the things in Bear World, like Beartendo Switch, Bears R’ Us, beary pie, Knotts Beary Farm, were funny.  I liked how Goldilocks’ house is literally right next to the forest. The Bears had a really nice kitchen. I really like when Teddy Bear’s teddy bears sang with him.

The theater was really nice and you had a good view of the stage from every seat. There were lots of mommies, daddies, grandmas, and grandpas in the audience. We learned to be wary of bees, snakes, and skunks in the forest because they can be dangerous. I really liked how both Goldilocks and Teddy Bear went on their own adventure which ended with them becoming friends. It’s a really good story that is good for kids.

My favorite part of the play was when I was able to take a photo with the cast. I would recommend this play to my friends to see Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Leo Stromberg, age 5, lives in Brookside with his own mommy and daddy, Julie and Winston Stromberg, as well as older brother Julien and younger sister Astrid. This is his first theater review. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, produced by Storybook Theatre, is running at Theatre West Saturdays at 1:00pm through December 18. Tickets are $15 and are available here.


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