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Tom Bergin’s Tavern Going Old School on Earning a Shamrock

Clare Shamrock at Bergin's

Bergin’s, the oldest Irish establishment in LA, has been a favorite of the greater Hancock Park area for generations. I know there have been times when I’ve walked in to Bergin’s and it felt like I walked into a neighborhood version of Cheer’s…especially in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and the biennial ND vs USC football game.

The greatest symbol of the role this place plays in neighborhood families is the Bergin’s Shamrock – earned by patrons over time as confirmation that an individual has spent quite a bit of time socializing there. Most revelers earned these in their early 20s drinking Guinness or Harp by the pint… and then had them to look back on once they switched to Irish Coffees in their mid-30s.

Callahan shamrock on one of the beams

Almost every conversation there includes a lesson in neighborhood ancestry…finding familiar neighborhood names, re-locating the Shamrock of a relative, or pointing out your own Shamrock to friends and family. For most of Bergin’s history, these Shamrocks were a reward for regulars – earned as a badge of time served.

Baudistel overlooks a booth on the western wall
Hawley represents for the Irish Coffee crowd









Bergin’s re-openend in May – newly renovated and definitely improved (great food). All of the Shamrocks were preserved in the renovation – dusted off and replaced on the walls, ceilings and beams (though not in the same places where they originally were).

And now the management at Bergin’s has announced that they are starting up the Shamrock selection process again! Each month the bar staff will meet and submit their nominations. A winner will be picked and Bergin’s will throw them a party to celebrate their admission into the exclusive Bergin’s Shamrock Club.

Local cocktail Blogger shares tips on how one might better their chances of standing out to the Bergin’s staff…How to Get a Shamrock at Tom Bergin’s Tavern.

As the holiday’s approach, make yourself known to the staff. And do invite us to your Shamrock party. We will be rooting for you!


Tom Bergin’s Tavern
840 South Farifax Avenue
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