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Residents Discuss Temporary Parking District in Hancock Park

Map showing preferential parking districts including TPPD 215

Last Sunday, CD 4 staff met with Hancock Park residents regarding the  Temporary Preferential Parking District (TPPD) 215, which is up for renewal in November.  The controversial parking district was implemented last year in the small cul de sac neighborhood bordered by Lillian Way, Cahuenga Blvd. and Wilcox Avenue in Hancock Park. One year later, Senior Field Deputy Catherine Landers shared the following summary of the discussion among residents, some of whom would like to make the district permanent, others who want to modify it, and some who want to eliminate it.

According to Landers, the following items were discussed at Sunday’s meeting:

  • Unrestricted parking on Rosewood from Rossmore to Larchmont needs to be taken into
  • Discussion and request to open parking on some of the blocks in the current TPPD to be 6AM
    instead of the current start time of 8AM.
  • It was discussed and resolved that the 500-600 of Rossmore would be included in any new
    permanent PPD solution, per the new LAMC rules pertaining to the creation of PPDs.
  • There was discussion as to whether Clinton could be posted so that residents living there could
    get guest passes in addition to the annual and visitor passes they already have.
  • Discussion of whether removing the red curb along one side of Cahuenga to open up additional
    parking was discussed. DOT did not recommend as this will slow the flow of traffic and many
    Cahuenga residents present were not initially in favor of this idea. Though some other members
    of the community thought this could be a potential help for the area and many felt cars having to
    slow down to pass on what would be a narrower street might make the area safer from speeding
  • Discussion ensued as to whether making morning peak hour restrictions start later on the west
    side of Rossmore would encourage more residents on Rossmore to use the many open spots that
    are found there nightly. There was concurrence from residents of Rossmore that they would in
    fact use the parking on Rossmore if they didn’t have to be afraid their cars would be towed at 5
    minutes to 7:00 am every morning.

Next Steps for consideration according to Landers:

  • It was decided that comment period to be open for 3 weeks as it relates to renewal of TPPD 215.
    It was noted that, this deadline does NOT apply for longer term options, like adding additional
    streets and making it a permanent district, and/or combining with nearby districts. Those
    discussions are on-going and will continue until we find solutions, and those options can proceed
    simultaneously with a renewal of the TPPD.
  • Rules/Procedure for combining PPDS’s 42,115 and 215 were explored as potential long term next
  • Information on how to petition for changes to the current TPPD and how to create a permanent or
    combined PPD will be sent out to those interested.
  • Concerns were addressed for streets currently in “island pockets” not within any permit district
    currently. It was agreed that the Council office will work with them to incorporate them into
    permanent PPDs on either side of them.
  • The Council office will look into the feasibility of making morning peak hour parking on
    Rossmore start later in order to open up a significant amount of overnight parking for residents.
  • The Council Office will share what any final next steps will be before moving forward, but plans
    to continue to work this complex issue and find a solution that helps to protect the integrity of the
    neighborhoods incorporating all input from all community meetings.

Finally, according to Landers, the following issues not related to TPPD 215 were also discussed and the Council office will look
into the feasibility:

  • The potential to have no left turn restrictions placed at Rossmore and Clinton.
  • Looking into a crosswalk at Clinton and Rossmore.
  • Asking DOT why the center line on Rosewood is not centered and therefore limited parking.
  • Review of blind spot on Rosewood and Lillian Way when turning.
  • Concerns regarding over speed traffic on Wilcox and having LAPD West traffic help with more
    enforcement of the stop sign at Wilcox and Clinton.
  • Looking into whether no oversized vehicle signs qualify for the area.

A  PowerPoint presentation delivered at the meeting containing information collected by Councilmember Ryu’s staff was also made available.

“The information contained is intended for discussion and community feedback-gathering purposes and do not constitute any final decisions.  Additional verbal information was also presented, so please let us know if you have any follow up questions or need clarification on any point,” wrote Landers in her email to residents and other interested parties where she also included a link to more traffic data presented at the meeting.

” We have extended the timeline for comments until Oct 1st.   This is specifically regarding the one-year renewal of TPPD 215 with boundaries as [it] is coming up in November,” wrote Landers.  “Keep in mind – this deadline does NOT apply for longer term options, like adding additional streets and making it a permanent district, and/or combining with nearby districts.  Those discussions are on-going and will continue until we find solutions, and those options can proceed simultaneously with a renewal of the TPPD.”

Landers asked for comments to be sent to here at  [email protected] with “TPPD 215” in the subject line.

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Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard is the co-editor and publisher of the Larchmont Buzz. Patty lives with her family in Fremont Place. She has been active in neighborhood issues since moving here in 1989. Her pictorial history, "Larchmont" for Arcadia Press is available at Chevalier's Books.

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