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Go Get Em Tiger Coffee Bar Opens on Larchmont Boulevard

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After a four month over-haul of the space that had been home to Baskin Robbins for more than 45 years, a new coffee shop opened on Larchmont Boulevard bright and early this morning! And the name perfectly reflects the joyful, friendly energy that the proprietors are hoping to create for their patrons – Go Get Em Tiger.

Go Get Em Tiger-001
Go Get Em Tiger owners Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski

Go Get Em Tiger is the second high-concept coffee project from Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski, both formerly with Intelligentsia Coffee. Since departing Intelligentsia a little over a year ago, Glanville and Babinski opened G&B Coffee as a pop-up at SQIRL the restaurant/jam maker on Virgil, north of Melrose. G&B Coffee was such a hit that the pair moved to downtown and opened up their first permanent G&B Coffee location at Grand Central Market at the end of May. Across the street from Angels Flight, the coffee bar is a welcome destination.

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And here we are…just 4 weeks later…and the Glanville/Babinski partnership is poised to change the Larchmont Boulevard coffee scene forever.

Patrons of Go Get Em Tiger can expect a variety of world roasts curated by two of the most knowledgeable coffee gurus in Los Angeles. The team goes through a process called “cupping” where they sample various roasts and choose the one that they will serve the next day. And the brewing process is very precise – it’s a blast to watch and makes you feel pretty special when you consider all that went into delivering that perfect cup of joe.

Go Get Em Tiger coffee bar...pre-opening. (photo credit @ggetLA on Twitter)
Go Get Em Tiger coffee bar…pre-opening. (photo credit @ggetLA on Twitter)

The coffee bar is truly that – it is a long bar where people can walk up and order their drink from the next available barista. The bar creates an atmosphere of community – an underlying piece of the Go Get Em Tiger mission.

Custom, hand thrown mugs by Silverlake ceramics artist Ben Medansky
Custom, hand thrown mugs by Silverlake ceramics artist Ben Medansky

If it’s your first time visiting one of their coffee bars, it’s important to know that both Glanville and Babinski are committed to reducing disposables. While they will have paper cups, patrons will be heavily incentivized to stay and drink their coffee in one of the GGET special coffee bar mugs/glasses or to invest in a special glass to-go-jar that users can return for a fresh jar. When G&B was at SQIRL I got a latte to go. I have to admit that when they gave me the jar, I didn’t get it. After my first sip, I was sold. The coffee in the glass jar was the cleanest tasting coffee I have ever had. Plus, I felt great knowing that I could return my jar and do my part to reduce waste. I will return that jar (clean of course) later today…

So, Go Get Em Tiger! We’re rooting for you to help grow the increasingly vibrant coffee culture that exists on Larchmont Boulevard.

Go Get Em Tiger
230 North Larchmont Boulevard
M-Su 6a-8p
Website –
Twitter – @ggetla

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  1. Frank and Larchmont lover your both wrong, it needs it…starbucks is terrible, peets is just ok…Americans are finally waking up to good coffee not the shite your used to..


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