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Hancock Park HOA News: Land Use, Zoning and Keeping Our City Livable

Land use and zoning issues are important to keeping our city livable. The Hancock Park Homeowners Association invites you to learn more about two projects proposed in our neighborhood.


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Land Use, Zoning and Keeping Our City Livable


There are two major projects being proposed on the borders of Hancock Park. Both projects will have considerable impacts on our neighborhood. The HPHOA is working to mitigate the negative impacts of these developments and encourage positive results for our neighborhood.

5001 Wilshire (the northwest corner of Wilshire and Highland) would replace the current two story strip mall with an 8 story, 242-unit mixed use complex. This project is by-right, meaning it does not require significant zoning changes or variances from the city. Because it would be located within blocks of a future subway station at Wilshire Boulevard and La Brea Avenue, it is being considered under the city’s Transit Oriented Community Program, which offers density bonuses for projects within a half-mile of major transit stops in exchange for the inclusion of affordable housing. (25 units out of 242 total will be offered as “affordable” in this development.)

6101-6117 W. Melrose (the corner of northwest Melrose and Seward) would replace a single-story retail strip with a 5-story entertainment-oriented office building. However, in order to build a 5 story, 71 ft. building, the developer must be granted – by the City – a Height District Change, increasing the allowable height from 45 feet to 71 feet. If this height change is allowed, the building would dominate and tower over the adjacent historic John C. Fremont Library and all surrounding homes both north and south of Melrose, and would set a dangerous precedent for future development along Melrose.

The Association’s Land Use Committee Chair Mark Alpers and President Cindy Chvatal- Keane have been working with the City, City Council Office, Hancock Park neighbors, neighboring homeowner and resident association leadership, and the developers to scale back the proposal. The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council voted to oppose the current plans on both projects and our CD5 Council Representative, Paul Koretz, supports our opposition to the height increase for the proposed Melrose/Seward development.

The continued push, driven by state and local mandates for development and growth, will challenge the character and livability of our neighborhood and city. As citizens we have input and a voice! There is a hearing on July 28 at 8:30 a.m. held by the City Planning Commission regarding the Melrose and Seward property. Watch for more information about attending and commenting at the City Planning Commission Hearing!

Your voice can make a difference!

Please see our website at! Join a committee! Come to a Zoom Meeting! Participate! We are all volunteers!


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