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Hancock Park Homeowners Association Board Struggles with Impact of Filming on Rossmore

Filming trucks along Rossmore Avenue for a film shoot in Hancock Park.

LA is a movie town and sometimes it happens right next door or around the corner. When it’s nearby, you can’t miss the hassle of navigating around it. There are dozens of trucks with lots of people and equipment hugging the edges of the street and swarming over the sidewalks. Currently, “The Politician,” a new Netflix television series, is being shot at a residence on Rossmore Avenue, between Beverly Blvd. and Third Street.

Last night, residents from Rossmore Avenue gathered at the Hancock Park Homeowners Association Board meeting to talk about what they can do to reduce the negative impact of what many consider too much filming. This shoot follows closely on the heels of another shoot and is drawing the ire of residents who say the traffic is a nightmare and they can’t get in and out of their driveways. And, to add insult to injury, they will be filming today, this evening and tomorrow, coinciding with Yom Kippur, one of the most somber holidays in the Jewish tradition.

“Filming is out of hand,” said Cindy Chvatal-Keene, association President. “We are not against filming, we just want production companies to follow our “Good Neighbor Guidelines” and limit filming to 14 days per calendar year on each block unless a majority of residents support filming additional days.” In addition, Chvatal-Keane wants companies to limit their shoots to five days and give the neighbors a 30 day break when between filming on immediately adjacent blocks. They also request that filming take place from 7 am- 10 pm and not be permitted during other hours, nor on the weekends and holidays (federal, state and religious).

Chvatal-Keane also wants FilmLA, the City’s film office, to share the surveys they collect from residents indicating their support or opposition to filming. According to the board, they have asked for that information and FilmLA has refused to share it, citing privacy concerns. Board member Jen Devore asked CD4 Representative Rob Fisher if he could ask for the survey data and verify its accuracy for the neighborhood, because there were a number of residents at the meeting last night who said they opposed the filming or had not signed the surveys but the production company told the HOA they had the full support of the neighborhood. A representative of the production company did not attend the meeting. Fisher said he would request the information.

Even people who make their living making movies and television shows don’t like the inconvenience of filming, but residents who live in close proximity to houses where filming recurs over and over are really frustrated, according to Hancock Park’s filming liaison Erik Storey.

“We just wanted to see more transparency in the survey process and more consideration of the residents,” said Storey.

Fisher told the group the council member is supportive of more rules to reign in filming but would like to see more support from the neighborhood so he can build support for a city-wide ordinance to address issues across the city. Last year we reported on similar efforts by residents of Windsor Square.

The board agreed to conduct a survey of residents and continue to work on the issue.


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Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard
Patricia Lombard is the publisher of the Larchmont Buzz. Patty lives with her family in Fremont Place. She has been active in neighborhood issues since moving here in 1989. Her pictorial history, "Larchmont" for Arcadia Press is available at Chevalier's Books.

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  1. I am sympathetic to the traffic issues but let’s keep movies in Los Angeles and the jobs the provide to our friends and family and city!

  2. I know it is a hassle, but the benefits to the City are HUGE! Since LA has been re dedicated to keeping filming here, there has been an additional revenue of $300,000,00 to our city! Not to mention keeping jobs in Los Angeles. From the drivers to the set decorators, to writers and directors, let’s keep our fellow Angelinos employed and working right here in Los Angeles.

    Did you know that when they film in here, they always donate to our Homeowner’s Associations?

    • We never see the Homeowner’s Association accounting so there is no way to tell how much income is derived from filming.
      The majority of the money collected from filming goes to the homeowners. If the neighborhood benefited from the funds collected (street lighting, street repair, upgrade of electrical wiring to avoid extended power outages) people might be more tolerant.
      Traffic is disrupted and there is little monitoring by the off duty officers who always seem to be on their cell phones..


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