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HPHOA Call to Action: City Council Redistricting Needs to Hear from You Monday!

Hancock Park residents and surrounding neighbors — please contact the LA City Council Redistricting Commission Monday at 4 p.m. to let them know we want to stay together as a community.


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Dear Neighbors:

This is an urgent request for your participation. We have reached a key moment in LA City Council redistricting.

The Los Angeles Redistricting Commission has been drafting maps to change our current city council districts. Many of the maps carve our neighborhood into several different council districts, which will make it much harder to advocate for our interests. However, there is one map – Draft Plan K Corrected, District J – that keeps us together along our established neighborhood council boundaries, and united with other communities of interest with similar religious institutions and historic residential neighborhoods.

We need you to click here to join the Redistricting Commission Zoom call on Monday (9/27) at 4 p.m. Please join the meeting before 4 p.m. and raise your hand to speak as soon as allowed. Only the earliest callers have any chance of getting to speak.

Here’s what to do and what to say:

  • 1. Write and rehearse your personalized one-minute public comment before the Monday Zoom meeting (see sample text below).
  • 2. To join, click here or cut and paste this link into your browser to join Monday:
  • 3. Once you have joined, IMMEDIATELY raise your Zoom hand button to speak. This puts you into the queue. (Note that because this is a continuation of the redistricting meeting begun last week, people who spoke at last week’s meetings will not be allowed to speak at Monday’s meeting.)
  • 4. When your name is called, you will be prompted to unmute yourself.
  • 5. Here is a sample message. Please edit it to personalize it for yourself:

I’m (enter name) and I live in (enter neighborhood name). I support Draft Plan K Corrected, and specifically its map of District J. My neighborhood asks to be part of District J, which includes ALL OF GREATER WILSHIRE. We are a community of shared interests. We share the Jewish/Orthodox religious institutions and schools with the neighborhoods to our west. We share parks and historic neighborhoods.  And this map keeps our neighborhood councils whole. Thank you for listening.

  • 6.  Also send personalized emails to the Commission NOW, along the same lines. Emails to go: [email protected]

Keep in mind that none of the draft redistricting maps is perfect. We are advocating in the hopes that perfection will follow.

Thank you for your participation in the future of our neighborhoods.



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This message was paid for by the Hancock Park Homeowners Association. 


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