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January Motions from City Councilmembers Yaroslavsky and Soto-Martinez


Each month, we track the city council motions introduced by our local City Council representatives Katy Yaroslavsky (CD5) and Hugo Soto-Martinez (CD 13).  Motions are the first step in the lengthy process of creating a new city ordinance. Once a motion is filed, it is sent to the appropriate City Council committee(s) for review, discussion, and votes. Tracking individual motions is a good way to keep abreast of our Councilmembers’ concerns and activity, as well as issues of your own personal interest.  For more information about a motion, to read its full text, or to track its progress through the Council process, just click on the Council File number next to each item below. You can even subscribe to e-mail updates on motions you’re interested in by clicking the envelope-shaped icon near the top of the screen on each Council File page.

These were the motions introduced by our representatives in January.


Celebrations, Events, and Commemorations

20-0040-S1 – (Price – Soto-Martinez) Motion to approve the negotiated payment for City services from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, to hold the 2023 Grammy Awards at the Arena. Forwarded to the full City Council.

23-0099 – (Soto-Martinez – Hernandez) Motion to instruct the Chief Legislative Analyst to include Pride Village in the list of Citywide Special Events. Forwarded to the Public Works Committee.



23-0084 – (Yaroslavsky – Park) Motion to approve the street banner campaign being coordinated by the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council, as a City of Los Angeles Non-Event Street Banner Program, for the period of February 2023 to February 2024. Forwarded to the full City Council.

23-0011-S1 – (Yaroslavsky – Raman) Motion to transfer and/or appropriate funds from the Street Furniture Revenue Fund, to be allocated to the Los Angeles Conservation Corps for enhanced community beautification services in Council District Five. Forwarded to the full City Council.

23-0105 – (Raman – Blumenfield – Soto-Martinez) Motion to direct the Bureau of Engineering, with assistance from the Department of Recreation and Parks, Bureau of Sanitation Biodiversity Team, Department of Transportation, and any other City departments, to update the scope of work and budget, as needed, for the Sepulveda Basin Vision Plan Project as described and as further directed in this Motion. Forwarded to the Budget, Finance and Innovation Committee, the Neighborhoods and Community Enrichment Committee, and the Public Works Committee.


Crime & Public Safety

23-0010-S2 – (Raman – Soto-Martinez) Motion to provide an offer of reward for information leading to the identification, apprehension, and conviction of the person or persons responsible for what happened to Mercy Melissa Martinez that lead to her death after she was last seen alive on June 15, 2021. Forwarded to the full City Council.


Energy, Sustainability, and the Environment

23-0039 – (Yaroslavsky – Park – Raman) Motion to direct the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to report with an overview of the Scattergood Generating Station Green Hydrogen project, potential alternatives, public health and safety impacts, and as further described in this Motion. Forwarded to the Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and River Committee.

23-0100 – (McOsker – Yaroslavsky) Motion to request the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles World Airports report on their information sharing practices related to sustainability initiatives. Forwarded to the Trade, Travel, and Tourism Committee.


Housing & Human Services

23-0045 – (Soto-Martinez – Harris-Dawson) Motion to authorize the Department of Aging to transfer identified savings into the Contractual Services account, to augment the funding and extend the contract term with Everytable, and submit an interim budget request for additional funds for the Senior Meals Program. Forwarded to the full City Council.

23-0048 – (Raman – Soto-Martinez) Motion to declare the week beginning January 23, 2023, as Homeless Count Week 2023 and directing all City Departments and agencies to support the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority by encouraging staff to volunteer. Forwarded to the Housing and Homelessness Committee.

19-1204-S4 – (Soto-Martinez – Raman) Motion to authorize the General Manager, Los Angeles Housing Department, to execute a contract with Alliance for Housing and Healing to extend the Short-term Rental, Mortgage, and Utility program, and with APLA Health and Wellness for transportation services to eligible HOPWA clients. Forwarded to the Housing and Homelessness Committee.


Public Meetings

23-0002-S16 – (Soto-Martinez – Raman for Lee – Yaroslavsky) Motion to include in the City’s 2023-24 State Legislative Program, sponsorship or support for legislation to amend the Ralph M. Brown Act to permit the City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council system to choose to operate remote meetings indefinitely. Forwarded to the Rules, Elections, and Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

23-0036 – (Hernandez – Soto-Martinez) Motion to instruct the Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department, with assistance from the City Legislative Analyst and the City Attorney’s Mediation Program, and in consultation with relevant departments and relevant community-based organizations and experts, to develop and report on a mediation-based model for maintaining order in the Council Chamber that does not involve armed officers. Forwarded to the Rules, Elections, and Intergovernmental Relations Committee.


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Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN but has lived in LA since 1991 - with deep roots in both the Sycamore Square and West Adams Heights-Sugar Hill neighborhoods. She spent 10 years with the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, volunteers at Wilshire Crest Elementary School, and is the co-owner/publisher of the Buzz.

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