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The Boulevard at lunchtime today – much less busy than usual!

Since the Buzz began in 2011, we (and our predecessors Julie Grist and Mary Hawley) have worked hard to create a community platform that brings our readers timely, accurate local news and information…which positions us to be a unique local resource in this challenging time.

While the current coronavirus pandemic plays out, we will do all we can to provide our community with updates, information and resources that can help our individual readers, local businesses, and the community at large.

Toward that end, as many of you have already seen, we have added two new pages to our website.

A list of local business closures and announcements (including things like changes in hours and or services) as individual establishments adapt, to the best of their abilities, to the quickly changing situation.  We update this list throughout the day, every day, and urge you to send us information for new listings, and/or changes to items we’ve already included.  Just send your updates to [email protected] and we’ll post them as soon as possible.

A list of local resources to help you deal with some of the issues you, or your family, friends and/or neighbors may face as the crisis plays out.  These include (so far) links to educational, food, employment, and other services…which, again, we will update as frequently as possible.  Additions for this list are also invited at [email protected]

Finally, like many of you, we are deeply concerned about our local businesses community during this public health crisis. In addition to the resources above, we want to help our area restaurateurs, retailers, and small business owners stay present, even though they may have to close their storefronts temporarily or cut back services.

Toward that end, we are offering local businesses a free graphic advertisement on the Buzz website, to run through the end of April. The ads appear on every page of our website, and link directly to your own website or social media. We are happy to offer the free ads to any business that submits a finished, ready-to-upload graphic in either of two formats – 300 x 250 pixels or 300 x 170 pixels.  And if you need help creating the ad, we can assist for just $50 per ad.  Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to participate.

Note that we will be contacting our local businesses directly with this offer, but please also feel free to help us spread the word.  And, if you can, please do your part by buying local and supporting our Larchmont  businesses community during this difficult time.

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