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‘Let’s Make a Deal’ at Raleigh Studios Irks Larchmont Village Neighbors

Potential contestants for 'Let's Make a Deal' line up along the Van Ness side of Raleigh Studios in anticipation of their 15 minutes of game show fame.
Potential contestants for ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ line up along the Van Ness side of Raleigh Studios in anticipation of their 15 minutes of game show fame. Photo courtesy of Keith Johnson.

Recently, production of the CBS game show ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ moved from the lot at Sunset Bronson Studios in Hollywood to Raleigh Studios in Larchmont Village on Melrose between Van Ness and Bronson. The show – known for its audience of costumed extroverts – started taping at Raleigh last week. With three studio audiences looking for parking in the area every day that the show is taped, neighbors are quickly feeling a negative impact.

Let's Make a Deal SignRaleigh neighbors have requested relief from the people in charge at Raleigh Studios. Because studio members are taking up parking spots outside of the zone that Raleigh reserves for them, Raleigh neighbors are left without parking spots on taping days.

‘Let’s Make a Deal’ is in production most weeks now through October 23rd. Tape days are Wednesday – Saturday, when they work on three shows a day at 9:00AM, 11:30AM, and 1:30PM.

From the On Camera Audiences website that stocks audiences for Let’s Make a Deal:

Come make some deals with Wayne Brady at Let’s Make a Deal! Over $7,000,000 in cash and prizes were given away this past season! That’s an average of about $80,000 in cash and prizes per day. Let’s Make a Deal tapes THREE shows a day and it has the best odds in town to win! DON’T MISS OUT


Thanks to Larchmont Buzz reader and Larchmont Village resident Keith Johnson for sharing this story with the Buzz.


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