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May 20 is World Bee Day

Of course, we had to take note of World Bee Day today! You’ll have to look carefully to find bees about on this cool and cloudy day but these hardworking pollinators are out there. World Bee Day, as declared by the United Nations, is the worldwide day to pay homage to these insects who provide much of the world’s food supply. According to the UN, every third spoonful of food depends on pollination.

World Bee Day is the result of years of efforts by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, which launched the initiative and got the United Nations to declare 20 May World Bee Day. This year’s theme is “Bee Engaged with Youth.” The hope is to involve young people as future stewards of our planet in beekeeping and pollinator conservation efforts, according to the UN.

Bees and other pollinators are threatened by pesticides, loss of habitat and climate change, according to the UN. Close to 35 percent of invertebrate pollinators, particularly bees and butterflies, and about 17 percent of vertebrate pollinators, such as bats, face extinction globally. Present species extinction rates are 100 to 1,000 times higher than normal due to human impacts.

Let’s engage our youth by example. Here’s a short list of what we can all do to play a part in reversing those trends.

  1. Stop using pesticides in your garden
  2. Plant native plants that support our local insects
  3. Allow clover and other “weeds” plants to grow in your lawn
  4. Plant native trees, especially keystone species like oaks
  5. Make space in your garden or yard for native bees by leaving bear dirt
  6. Protect wild bee colonies when possible
  7. Buy products from sustainable agricultural practices
  8. Buy raw honey from local farmers
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